Fresh from the forge:
Radiator panels.

We hold stocks of the following materials:

  • tin plate
  • brass
  • stainless steel
  • copper
  • aluminium

We can also manufacture the laterally folded radiator panels for radiator brushes and, if desired, individually embossed:

  • straight or curved
  • Bended seams outwards or inwards
  • with fold or grooves
  • in inches or millimetres

A love for details


your brushes!

We emboss your company logo on the sheets.
Send us your logo, your initials, pictures or similar in a digital format and we can emboss your requirements onto the flat brush holders. Lettering for anniversaries is of course also possible.
We would gladly design the sheet as individually as possible for you and also help you with the design. Simply send us your enquiry.
We already produce small runs which are a perfect Christmas gift or exhibition giveaway.
Let your advertising take centre stage!